Don’t trust your girlfriend with her roomie after you had threesomes together

I was the roomie, but not anymore.

If you ever had a threesome with your girlfriend and her roomie, I think you should be careful with that, because there might be one day, she would walk out on you for her roomie. You never know.

It happened last month. My roommate and I were sharing one house with two bedrooms, each bedroom for one person. We were like net friends. We followed each other on Facebook and accidentally found we have many common interests. I was bisexual and she was straight, used to be. I never thought something were going to happen between us.

Last year, we teamed up to rent a house which was close to both of our work place. We had a good time together, but nothing more. I knew she had a boyfriend and I had no intention to come between them and most importantly, she was 100% straight back then. I didn’t stand a chance with her. However, we did have a lot to talk about when we were together. I would share my experiences like threesomes, tinder threesomes, dating experiences with men and women. She would complain to me about her boyfriend. She would also talk to me about their sexual life. Sometimes, I would give her advice.

I think it might be the reason that I shared her many threesome stories of mine. It got her curious about it. She often said that she was going to have a threesome with her boy friend one day. I thought she was just saying it, until one night, she brought her boyfriend back to our house and started to make out in our living room.

I went back from late work and found them naked in the couch. They were really hot and didn’t care to stop and put anything on when I came in. My roommate suggested me to join them. I hesitated for several seconds and joined them. It was no big deal, just another threesome hookup experience of mine. It was wonderful.

After that night, our relationship changed. We used to be close friend to each other, but we never shared a bed. From them on, every night when she didn’t bring her boyfriend, she would come to my room and sleep with me. We would make out all night. How can I resist? She was a pretty girl and I was bisexual. I said to her that I thought this was not right, so did she know, but we just kept doing it for night over night for several months. During this time, we had several threesome dating with her boyfriend and everything was great, but I could sense there was jealousy and competition between me and his boyfriend.

Last month, they broke up, mostly because of me. I was guilty for it but also pleased. I could finally have her all to myself.

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