Four Stages of Friends with Benefits Dating - Part 3

The #4 stage of friends with benefits: Decision

This is a stage to make decision. Just when you think about how great this beautiful and calm relationship is. Now, suddenly, you are asked to make a decision, or forced to make a decision. When making a decision, a woman is persuading herself to give up a friends with benefits relationship, giving you a last chance to make you realize that she is your real one and seize her. She can't change the relationship, because she has already done. She needs to slowly release herself from this casual dating relationship and keep a sufficient distance from it so that she can look at it clearly with a more objective perspective.

Usually at this stage, you will hear something like this: "I don't know if I can continue without any progress" "I need to find someone who is willing to date me." " This fwb relationship is good, but I started to realize that what I want is more than just secret benefits." These are the ways she encourages you to come up with solutions, something like she is your girlfriend. Of course, if you legally have a fwb relationship, you don't want her to be your girlfriends, if you do, you will treat her as a girlfriend, not just a hookup friend.

The decision stage is when you do one of the following three things: Let her go calmly, with understanding, without protest; Try to catch her without giving in and keep things as they are; Meet her need for a more loyal relationship, give her a serious date. The second one will only delay the inevitable and give you more time to decide what you want to do, but it is not a solution in itself. In the end, she was unhappy. You either give her what she wants or let her go to find a hook up relationship.

Wouldn't it be great if the friends with benefits can stay in the entertainment or relaxation stage forever? It's stupid to ask this question, and it exposes what women really want from a relationship. Indeed, women want to be with strong, dominant men, but they don't want to be on the casual date hookup with him forever. Even the kindest adult friend finders don't want to stay in the fwb dating forever.

Women are not nice men. Once they realize that things are not going in the direction they want and need, they will hardly stay too long under adverse conditions. But if a woman is not necessarily happy with an adult affair finder, why should she be with here at first?

Maybe she just wants it for that moment. Some women enter the tinder hookup relationship because they are free souls. When they enter fwb dating, they naturally want a casual sexual relationship. Young women in their sexual awakening. The girls are recovering from a dull long relationship. Women with strong sexual desire do not need monogamy. These women are your best friend finders for date hookup, because at least in the beginning, your goals are consistent with theirs.

These girls just want to have fun. If you are doing fwb dating, it is likely that you are too. Of course, time will change everything. As she invests more and more time in you, she usually wants to take it seriously with you. Or, she may decide that she definitely doesn't want to have serious things with you, but she almost certainly wants to be with someone, which means she is looking for a boyfriend candidate, even if she's leaving you to find someone else can meet her basic needs.