Pros and Cons on Taking Hormones

Many transgender women haven’t started taking hormones and are wondering what changes you are going to be going through. Today, we are talking about the pros and cons on taking hormones to help transgender-to-be.

First, your boobs are going to feel very sore and tendered. But the advantage is they are going to grow. Maybe not very fast. But the longer you take hormones, the bigger your boobs will get. Boobs are very important symbol of women and femininity. They are also craved by most men. Having boobs will make you super feminine. It’s the key to trans dating.

Your veins will disappear. Having big and prominent veins on your hands and feet is a huge give-away. By taking hormones, veins will vanish gradually, which is very good for you to look passable. Your hands will look less masculine, strong and veiny, but slender and finer. This is also another pros that you can expect.

Your skin will get softer and smoother than before. Men’s skin can be very rough. Taking hormones can make your skin soft and smooth like a girl. The process can be very long. You can hardly notice it. But it will change eventually. Having a soft and smooth skin can obviously change the way men perceive you.

Hormone will not only change your body and your look, it will also change your mind. You will be calmer and less anxious. You will be thinking more like a woman. Hormone can also help dysphoria. You will be happier because you know your body is changing to a female and you are about to be recognized as female. You will become prettier and you are about to be the trans woman you have always wanted to be.

You are going to get extra fat. Taking hormones will influence your weight. You may get extra fat on your face, your arms, legs, and maybe your butt. So if you want to stay fit and skinny, you should be very careful with your diet. Keep a low calories diet. Or if you want to get chubby and cute, this is your chance.

Your skin may turn a little bit dry. This can be both good and bad. Some people may used to have oily skin and want to have a drier one. This can be a good way. Dry skin can hardly have pimples. This is also another advantage. But if your skin is already very dry, then you should take extra attention on moisturizing it.

The first bad thing about taking hormones is that you are going to have blood clots, especially if you smoke. Therefore, do not smoke. It is a bad thing whether you take hormones or not.

The second bad thing about taking hormones is that it is very expensive. Pills are not so much because of your insurance. But the doctor visits are. Therefore, you can choose the time when to take hormones. If you are financially stable, you can start your transitioning. If not, you can start saving now. Because you don’t want to worry about money when you have so many other things to worry about. Finance is a huge problem during your transitioning.