Things not to do when you are on a date (Part – 2)

First one night hookup is very sensitive and full of emotions. You must take care that your dating partner met on hook up apps won’t get hurt or feeling uncomfortable to any of your act or questions. It is better to avoid such things if you really want to take your first date to next step and looking for a long term dating relationship with her.

In our previous post, we already discussed few points that you must avoid asking from your dating partner when you are on your first date. Here are few more points that you need to know about dating and must not do when you are with her.

Follow these essential tips about your dating partner and your first one night date.

Avoid using phone when you are with her – when you are on your first date and enjoying some quality time with your dating partner, it is best to rest your phone in your pocket or avoid using your phone in between your date especially when she is talking with you and share her some special moments with you. If you really want to date her for the second time, it is best to not use your phone and never send text messages or call to anyone. If you are doing this when she is talking to you, this may look like that you are not interesting in her and this date means nothing to you. In short, you are getting bored from this date and from your dating partner too. Using your phone in between of your date will make her feel insulted and you are literally embarrassing her.

So, avoid using your phone in between your date when she is with you unless it is quite very important and there is any emergency and you has to attend your phone.

Avoid starring other women around you when you are on your first date – yes, it is quite very important. If you don’t want to get embarrassed by her right on your first date, it is quite best to avoid starring any girl that is roaming around you and looks more attractive than your dating partner. This will surely affect your dating and you will be in embarrassing situation for sure if you are caught by your dating partner while starring other girls in the room.

Don’t book or reserve anything before asking from her on your first date – first date is full of surprise and when you are on your first date, there are many things that you will came to know for the very first time and it is advised to not book anything to surprise her when it’s your first date only. For example, if you book a vegetarian restaurant for your first date dinner and she is chicken lover and never like any vegetarian food, than it’s quite sure that you are in embarrassing situation.

So, it is quite best to avoid any surprise when you are on your first date except a surprise gift.