Transgender People and Pregnancy

When a person's assigned sex is inconsistent with their gender identity, then this person is a transgender. This inconsistency is not only reflected in the opposite of the two, because a person's gender identity is not only male or female, but also includes many other types, including bigender, non-binary gender, gender, etc. In order to enable their assigned sex and gender identity to be consistent, some transgender people may choose to reach an agreement in society or through medical means. In the social aspect, these changes take place in their gender expression, including their clothing, hair style or behavior style, etc. In medicine, it is reflected in hormone therapy and sex change surgery. For some transgender people with sufficient financial conditions, they may adopt two methods at the same time. For most transgender people, they will only choose to change their name, hair style or clothing and so on.

In many cases, transsexual surgery is not the first choice for every transsexual, because these hormone therapy and transsexual surgery can seriously affect a person's fertility. For example, the removal of ovaries and testicles can make a transgender person infertile for life. This is a dilemma for transgender people who want to have children but have completed the transition. According to the survey, about average transgender people regret that they are unable to have children because they have completed hormone therapy and sex change surgery. It can be seen that the problem of childbearing should be discussed with their trans dating partners before their transition. However, this cannot be applied to every situation, because compared with the problem of child bearing, the necessity of transition is very huge for a transgender person. Moreover, generally speaking, procreation is only significant in the later life of transgender people, while transition affects transgender people all their lives.

For transgender men:

Some transgender men choose to remain fertile after the transition. To do this, they need to be stimulated. But for most transgender men, it increases their inner unease. For men who don't have sex change surgery, they are likely to get pregnant. And if they keep their ovaries and uterus, they can have a healthy pregnancy. But in order to do that, they must stop taking testosterone. Find top hookup apps here.

For transgender women:

If transgender women store their sperm before the transition, they can easily maintain fertility. Storing sperm is relatively simple and affordable for many transgender women. For some transgender women, masturbation or ejaculation may cause them to feel uneasy. For this type of transgender woman, they can ejaculate by electrical stimulation, or take sperm out of the testis directly during the operation.

For transgender parents

A considerable number of transgender people have had children before their transition, which is a very happy thing for them. Their children can grow up as healthy and happy as any heterosexual child. That's why TS hookup finders are suggested that they consider having children before their transgender hookup partners transition.