What to Do if You are in Love with the Third after a Threesome---Part Two

Tinder threesome is risky, not only in ways that could cause jealousy and anger, but also it can literally break your relationship apart. The minute you decide to bring in the third into your bed, you have to realize the risks of doing that. There are plenty of examples of couples breaking up due to one part falling in love with the third and decide to leave their partner. We have mentioned that there are two choices for such couple. Either cut the connections with the third or leave your current relationship and build new one with your new partner. There are no right or wrong choice in regards to this matter, only choice that suits your best interest. Here are two more choices for you to consider.

Continue your relationship and also keep a secret love affair with the third.
Maybe you don’t want to give up your current stable and ensuring relationship with your partner, while you also want to experience something new and exciting. Such choice is like Christmas every day. Unfortunately, from long run, such choice could lead to extreme pressure and exhaustion caused by distraction. It can damage both relationship and yourself too. This may not be a good solution in the long run.

Establish a three way relationship together.
There is a rare situation. Discuss your feelings with your partner, it is possible that he/she feels the same way about the third as you do. You three people can establish a three way relationship. It may be rare, but it surely exists and works very well for some couples. While there are huge risks for this proposal. When you bring it up to your partner, he might not accept it and it could even lead to an end of your relationship. Be open and honest, manage jealousy and negotiate new terms are vital elements in faciltating such swinger lifestyle relationship. If any of them go wrong or one of you fail to manage yourself, everything can be ruined. This is a long shot. Only if you are sure that your partner also likes the third and your relationship is open, I suggest that you should be very careful with it.

In conclusion, both choices mentioned above are both very dangerous to your relationship. If you still prefer to keep a monogamy lifestyle and don’t want to live a secret life, I suggest that you either go with your current relationship or choose to start a new one with the third. No matter what you choose, think about the consequences. Are you going to regret your choice after several years? Do you have the confidence to start a new relationship and know that it will not end the same as your current one? If you are and if you have made up your mind, go ahead and do it. No one knows yourself better than you. Once you have decided, do not look back ever.