Ways You Can Get Matches on 3rder – A Tinder for Threesomes

3rder is a top hookup app designed especially for singles and couples who want to arrange a wild swinger lifestyle for fun. Whether you have tried this app or not, you must have heard something about it because it is a well know app in kinky dating market. Thanks to the app store, users can easily download 3rder on their phones for free and they aren’t required to pay money for matches. If you are planning a threesome life with some nice people, you should give a shot to 3rder and we will show you how to get matches on this app.

Once you start your journey on 3rder, you will get full access to basic features without any charge and you can get a lot of potential matches every day by taking full use of them. First of all, you are allowed to play three rounds of quick match and it is said that the app will lift this restriction in the future. It means that you can play as many rounds as you wish for matches as long as you have enough time to spend here.

Generally, you are supposed to get over 50 different matches from different places after three rounds and you will meet several local users if you are lucky enough. All the recommended profiles are free for you to browse and in the meanwhile, you profile is also available for others. That’s to say, when you check profiles, your profile is checked by others as well. Therefore, you are twice as likely to get enough matches for a swinger lifestyle on 3rder dating app.

After you finish the quick match, you can go to the interactive section called Moments to make interactions with other users. Users can post their status and photos there and you can leave some comments if you find something you are interested in. It seems to be a nice place for users to interact with each other and it would be great for you to make more new friends here.

If you don’t have enough free time on 3rder, you just need to improve your profile as detailed as possible and then the app will help you with the rest. On the basis of a huge number of real users, you can get 5 like every week and so many singles and couples have got their respective threesome relationships in this way. Thus, this app is treated as the most time-saving app among thousands of threesome lovers around the world.

With the different ways mentioned above, everyone can find their own compatible partners for a nice trio relationship on 3rder. All you have to do is give this app a try and it will tell you how well it can perform in this kinky dating world.