We Will Continue Our Journey on 3rder to Find Threesomes

My name is Emma. I recently got engaged after having been together for four years. It is so excited that I can share our life stories of finding someone for three ways with you here.

We can get along very well with each other is mainly because we share many similar interests and hobbies. And the most important factor is that we can always reach an agreement when it comes to adding spice to our relationship. As for having a three way with another person, we have fantasized about it for a while. Every time, we’d like to think about it when we are making love. It really turns us on and guides us to enjoy the process to the fullest.

Back to last year, one of my legs got injured. So, I had to stay at home, which made me feel bored and unhappy. Then, I started to consider to make threesomes really happen in our life. And my husband and I sat down and had a serious conversation about this idea of looking for a female to join me and my husband. I have to say communication is really important for couples who would like to open up their relationship. It is the key factor to decide whether you can enjoy it or not.

Then, we joined an app called 3rder. I created an account as a couple with only our pictures. And my husband created a different account as a male. But every time when others came to talk with him, he would mention that he was looking for a female with his wife. He said it would increase our chance meeting more potential dates. And it was really the case and we have been on dozens of dates since we created out accounts on 3rder. We really want to thank this great threesome app that helps us a lot.

When we started to browse others’ profiles and started to find a three way partner, we decided to decide together before any further communication. Unless we are both interested in that person, we will continue the conversation. Or we will directly close the window and start hunting the next unicorn. I think it is also very important for us to successfully arranged many threesomes with a third person.

People on 3rder tend to be interested in having a threesome with others. So, we haven’t met many women or men who refused to join a couple. And the best thing is that my husband usually encounters couples on this kink dating app. That’s why we have tried foursomes sometimes. I think we will continue our journey on 3rder.